Geared to manufacture and supply aluminium extrusions for industrial and architectural applications.

Wispeco operates nine extrusion presses, two vertical powder coating plants, and one anodising plant. Wispeco has the manufacturing and distribution capability and capacity to meet market requirements.

All Wispeco factories are Gauteng-based.


Wispeco installed new melting furnaces in 2020 with the capability to cast world-class remelt billet. Raw material is purchased from approved aluminium scrap collecting companies. Billet is manufactured for in-house consumption only.

We conform to the following raw-material standards: BS EN 573 : 2007 – Aluminium and aluminium alloys – chemical composition and form of wrought products.


Wispeco operates nine extrusion presses between 6-inch and 8-inch billet diameters. We supply various 1xxx-series alloys and 6xxx-series alloys. We conform to the BS EN 755 : 2008 – Aluminium and aluminium alloys. Extruded rod/bar, tube, and profiles.

Powder Coating

Wispeco operates two vertical powder coating plants and complies with the Qualicoat sea-side standard. All powders are supplied by Qualicoat approved manufacturers. Wispeco offers a wide range of standard colours, and on request can supply unique colours.

Qualicoat is an international association that issues certificates for the application of durable organic powder coating for architectural aluminium.


Wispeco operates one anodising plant and complies with the Qualanod standards. Wispeco offers natural, black, and various bronze standard colours, and coating thickness offered are 10, 15, and 25 microns.

Qualanod is an international association that issues certificates for quality anodised products.